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We have proudly focused on high quality from day one in the area of home construction, craftsmanship and general contracting services and also place much effort into staying ahead of the curve by being open to implementing new building techniques and technology as they develop.
About Us
Just as the strength and success of constructing a custom built home relies on a solid, well planned foundation, the strength and success of building one’s own company begins similarly with a solid, well planned foundation of human elements.  The success of our construction company, we feel is largely due to the fact that our family components just seem to have “all the right stuff” in the right combination.  We are proud to have some of the best contractors in the area who have worked with us for over a decade.  With over 100 years combined construction experience, and 50 years combined administratvive experience, we at Oakley Construction are happy to utilize our skills to bring our clients high performance custom homes.

Trinity's love for Colorado began with a visit to Estes Park, which inspired him to move from Ohio and set down roots the following year.  Bringing with him experience in concrete and as a stone mason, he quickly developed skills in all phases of home construction.  He has worked for Oakley Construction since 1999 and is proud to now be President and General Contractor, carrying on the legacy.

The administrative side of the company belongs to Trinity's wife and Colorado native,  McKenzie Huffman.  She carries a strong sense of organization and detail  giving her the patience and skills to handle the multiple levels of office management.  Her experience in practice management and executive adminsitrative assistance, gives her exemplary attention to detail, accurate record keeping, and has allowed her interpersonal communication skills to transfer easily into the scope of Oakley Construction's operations as Secretary and Co-Owner.

Last, but far from least... the two major ingredients which have helped to create Oakley's success is each individual’s excellent work ethic coupled with a strong sense to do their part well.  By all working together, Oakley Construction has the skills, resources and background to best address the demanding changes of our industry... relieving our customers of many worries during their new home’s construction while creating their home of quality, comfort and lasting value.

Trinity & McKenzie Huffman

We look forward to working with you,

Trinity & McKenzie Huffman
The Oakley team

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  1. McKenzie Huffman
    McKenzie Huffman
    Administration Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Trinity Huffman
    Trinity Huffman
    President General Contractor